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Two People Struck While Checking Car Damage

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Two People Struck While Checking Car Damage

A high angle view of street intersection, with yellow cross walk markings, traffic signal lights, and curb cuts

A road in Fulton County was shut down for hours while police officers investigated a collision. Reports on August 12, 2017 said that the accident occurred at Buffington Road and Jonesboro Highway.

According to reports, two vehicles were involved in a minor crash at the intersection. The drivers of the vehicles involved in the original crash got out of their vehicles to check the damage. It was at that moment that a truck belonging to the county came over a hill and struck the cars. One person died at the scene, and a second person passed away at a local hospital.

A witness spoke to a local television station. She told a reporter from Channel 2 that she saw a car and truck collide at the intersection. She said both drivers got out to check the damage and, upon seeing that the damage was minor, one of the drivers walked back to the end of the truck. The county’s truck hit the pickup involved in the original accident, pinning that driver, an 84-year-old man.

That same witness said the intersection is a busy and dangerous one. Police continue to investigate the crash. The driver of the third vehicle remained on scene.

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