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Author: HSK

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MARTA Officer Injured in Crash

Policeman and police motorcycle behind cordon tape at an accident or crime scene

A driver failed to yield at an intersection in the mid-afternoon on Friday, striking an off-duty Marta police officer. The accident occurred at the intersection of Thompson Drive and Fairburn Road at about 3:30 p.m.According to reports from Atlanta Police, the off-duty officer was leading a funeral procession on a motorcycle at the time of the accident. It was unknown why the man failed to yield at the intersection, but he was not cooperative with police when they arrived. It was also reported that the driver of the vehicle got into a fight with several witnesses.Due to the combative nature...

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Interstate Proves Dangerous for Pedestrians

Atlanta Georgia at night

In just five hours’ time, two people lost their lives while walking on a local interstate. Both accidents occurred on Wednesday. The first at approximately 6:30 p.m. and the second sometime around midnight.According to reports, a man was walking down the interstate at about 6:30 p.m. when he was struck by a motorist. That person lost his life as a result of the accident. Interstate 20 was closed for at least two hours as officials worked to determine the cause of the accident. The victim, a male in his 40s, was crossing the interstate for unknown reasons. The van that...

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Shots Fired in High School Classroom

Gun in school backpack on wooden table, on bright background

Three students are now facing charges for what could have been a tragic incident inside an Atlanta classroom. According to school police at Banneker High, a student brought a gun to school. That gun was located inside of a box in the student's backpack. The student did not pull out the weapon, instead it was fired accidentally.One student was shot during the incident and that same bullet grazed another student's ankle. The student who was shot said that all she heard was a pop and confusion followed. The girl said that at first, no one knew that it was a...

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“Devoted Mom” Accused of Leaving Son in Car

Car air condition outlet

A woman described by many as a "devoted" mother stands accused of leaving her toddler in a hot car for more than three hours. The child died at a local hospital after being transported for heat-related illness.According to reports, Fulton County police say that the child was strapped into a car seat on Halloween and left in a car while his mother went inside their home. A neighbor spotted the child in the car and called emergency services. When police responded, the mother told them she had been running errands and forgot her child was in the vehicle.Police don't believe...

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Motorcycle Accident Leaves Man Critically Injured

Motortraveler with own bike resting on roadside at evening time with sunset on background

A man was involved in a vehicle versus motorcycle accident on Saturday, November 4 which left him critically injured. The accident occurred on Highway 34 at Bruce Jackson Road. The man's name was not released.According to reports, the man was driving his motorcycle east on Highway 34. The driver of a Chevrolet pickup truck was stopped at the intersection but then pulled out in front of the man. The motorcyclist was unable to avoid the collision, striking the driver's side door of the truck.The accident took place just after 10:30 in the morning.The driver of the motorcycle was stabilized on...

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Daylight Savings Time Increases Your Risk for Accidents

Autumn Time Change, Autumn Leaves and Alarm Clock

Chances are you already know that a decreased awareness behind the wheel can cause vehicle collisions. When you aren't paying close attention to the cars around you when you are driving, you are either at risk for being involved in a crash or causing one. Daylight saving time doesn't help.If you are like many people, you are feeling a bit "off" next week. Experts say that's normal. It can take the human body a week or more to adjust to the time changes in the Spring and Fall. The good news is there are things you can do to help...

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Three Students Killed in Crash

Low angle telephoto perspective of fifty yard line

One teen was critically injured and three others were killed in a car accident on October 27. The accident occurred Friday night near Meadowcreek High School.According to reports, a Toyota 4Runner containing three passengers seemingly swerved to avoid a collision. That vehicle left the road and traveled down an embankment on Steve Reynolds Boulevard. The vehicle sustained severe damage. The driver and two passengers lost their lives. A third passenger was transported to a local hospital and listed in critical condition.All involved in the accident were students at the high school. It is believed that the students may have just...

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Boy With Brain Injury Doing Well 5 Years Later

Damaged fallen tree after a strong storm

On October 29, 2012, a family in Georgia discovered their lives turned upside down. It was a seemingly normal morning when a mother dropped her 2-year-old son off at daycare. It was the last time she would set eyes on him before he was involved in a terrible accident.The child was outside of the daycare when a tree limb broke off and fell down. The limb hit the boy on the head, causing severe brain injuries. As a result of those injuries, the child spend months recovering at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. His mother says that was the day the...

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Flying Tire Strikes Motorist

Pickup Truck Wheels and Tires Closeup Photo

A woman traveling down Georgia 400 was hit by, not a another vehicle, but a flying tire that came from the opposite side of the roadway. The woman lost her life as a result of the incident.According to police who investigated the scene, the woman was traveling in the southbound lane of Georgia 400. A man driving a pickup truck in the northbound lane lost a wheel and tire. The wheel and tire flew over the median wall and into the woman's windshield. The woman died as a result of her injuries.The driver was the only person in the car...

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Child Victim of Hit-and-Run

crosswalk on the road for safety when people walking cross the stree

A small child was walking to school on October 18 when she was struck by a car. That car failed to stop after striking the child, and police are searching for the car and its driver. The little girl died as a result of her injuries.According to reports, the 4-year-old was walking to school when a driver hit her and threw her into another vehicle. The injuries the girl sustained from the impact led to her untimely death. The incident occurred just prior to 7 a.m. on North Indian Creek Drive. The location where the child was struck was close...

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