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Matthew Kilgo


Attorney Matthew Kilgo

Matthew Kilgo is known throughout the State of Georgia for his deep knowledge and experience in criminal law, first serving as a prosecutor and now skillfully representing clients charged with crimes.

Matthew Kilgo is a trial lawyer well-versed in civil litigation.  His work as a clerk for a civil practice firm while in law school was reinforced by the trial experience he gained in almost seven years’ work as a prosecutor, protecting the public.  With work as a prosecutor, a brief period of service in the United States Marine Corps, and as counsel for the record industry behind him, Kilgo began as successful career as a trial attorney when he joined Michael Hawkins’ firm in 2009.  Since that time, he has devoted his practice to protecting Georgia’s citizens in court on a daily basis, and has honed his skills as a trial attorney in many successful legal battles. Kilgo recently completed work on his first book, a compilation of weapons laws in Georgia, and frequently lectures on Georgia’s gun laws to members of the public.


Matt is a well-practiced, meticulous trial attorney, and has earned the respect of his colleagues in the bar for his success in the courtroom.  He garnered the accolade of “2015 Trial Victory of the Year” by his peers for the trial work he did in defense of one of his clients, and brings the same thoughtful, studied approach used so successfully in his criminal practice to the practice of personal injury law.  His work on behalf of clients has garnered him the respect of Georgia’s judges as well: Kilgo was recognized for his legal abilities at the judicial level when he was asked to sit as a visiting judge in a local jurisdiction. His reputation is continuously solidified by the strong, organized approach he uses in representing each and every client.  


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